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Why Chocolate DJs are at the Forefront of the Chocolate Revolution

When & Where

14:00 - 14:35, Monday 5th September 2016
Speciality Chocolate Live Theatre




Spencer Hyman


Over the last few years from Budapest to Brooklyn and Saigon to San Francisco a growing band of cacao farmers and artisan makers have been pioneering a revolution in single estate, craft chocolate. Just as with wine, the key to great chocolate starts with the finest ingredients – and “less is more”, these craftsmen are all about coaxing the full flavour of their beans, adding and taking away as little as possible. These bars taste better, are better for you and are better for the farmers and planet.

As with fine wines, craft candles and thoughtful gifts, customers look for guidance and support to find the right chocolate bar. For the average consumer it’s hard to find and identify these bars. And it’s similarly difficult for retailers to find and sell these bars.

We’ve a number of tools to help customers and retailers to seize these opportunities and meet these challenges. We’ve everything from chocolate playlists to online taste tests, and we support our partners with staff training, support materials and counter top units.

What will you learn?

1. Why is there a craft chocolate revolution
2. Why craft chocolate taste better, is better for you and better for the planet
3. How to become a chocolate DJ and join the revolution
4. How to increase sales and delight customers with craft chocolate