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Top Tips for Better Negotiation

When & Where

10:15 - 11:00, Monday 5th September 2016
Small Business Forum


Business Advice


Richard Savage


Based on an academic study and ratified by thousands of hours of observed behaviour each year Scotwork is a global leader in tutoring organsations both big and small in the art of negotiation. We teach both individuals in open courses and company teams in the 8 steps of negotiation.

There is an average 9.3 multiple in return on investment withing 3 months on our courses which are fun (essential for more effective learning), give you a structure to your negotiations and arm you with the skills and techniques to have both more control and confidence in your negotiations.

What will you learn?

This talk is designed to introduce you to the principles of negotiation, when and when not to negotiate and how to better prepare for a negotiatate as well as some top tips for levelling the playing field in your negotiations