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Melting Point: the Mysteries of Chocolate in the Mouth

When & Where

11:00 - 11:35, Tuesday 6th September 2016
Speciality Chocolate Live Theatre


Rising Star


Shelly Preston


More and more of us now know what to look out for in a good quality chocolate bar: What’s the cocoa percentage? Where are the beans sourced? How glossy is the finish? Does it break with a satisfying ‘snap’? But of course the ultimate baromater is what happens once you put it into your mouth and yet that is where the chocolate retains much of its mystery….to chocolate producers and scientists alike. Drawing on her experience and expertise as an award-winning chocolatier as well as the very latest academic research Shelly will explore with the audience how properties such as melting speed, smoothness, hardness at first bite, viscosity and mouthcoating can vary enormously from bar to bar and how they affect the sensory experience of eating chocolate.

What will you learn?

1. How to tell good chocolate from a bad
2. How to taste chocolate
3. How chocolate is made
4. How mouth-feel affects enjoyment of food