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Healthy Living Made Easy

When & Where

12:00 - 12:35, Tuesday 6th September 2016
Fine Food Live Theatre


Clean Living


Nicky Clinch


A deliciously colourful dish full of wonderful aromatic flavours using only natural goodness. My take on a traditional Thai Vermicelli Slaw Salad topped with rich and delicious baked marinated teriyaki tempeh triangles and topped with the most decadent and creamy spicy satay sauce. A quick and easy dish that will give provided perfect and delicious balance on one plate.

What will you learn?

1. Quick & Simple Cooking for balance & optimal health
2. Vegetarian Cooking
3. Clean Cooking: Creating delicious dishes with only natural seasonal ingredients but full of flavour
4. Learn about how certain foods effect our overall health & wellbeing
5. How to balance flavours the natural way
6. Cooking to aid good strong digestion