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Fermented Foods - Are They the Next Big Nutrition Trend?

When & Where

12:15 - 13:00, Sunday 4th September 2016
Small Business Forum


Business Advice


Christine Bailey


Fermented foods have been a well-established part of the human diet for thousands of years and now they are gaining in popularity with many health consumers. The buzz about fermented foods and their probiotic benefits is also receiving more research attention particularly for their impact on gastrointestinal wellbeing as well as many other conditions affecting a wide range of body systems including mental health.

Apart from conventional yoghurt and fermented milks, several fermented nondairy foods are gaining in interest, in particular from soy, often originating from Traditional Asian diets. This seminar will provide an overview of the most popular fermented foods on the market, their health benefits and future opportunities for incorporation into foods and products. It will also include an overview of the new fermented products from Tideford Organics.