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Cocoa's Royal African Roots

When & Where

15:00 - 15:35, Sunday 4th September 2016
Speciality Chocolate Live Theatre




Philippe Wall


How an escaped African slave started the growing of cocoa on the mainland of Africa and the how the Abolition of the Slave Trade led to a Cocoa Revolution led by Chiefs, the Quakers and free Asante farmers. Africa became the World’s largest producer of cocoa over a Century.

The talk will be illustrated by a ‘How it was made’ background to the chocolate ‘Golden Stool’ which will be exhibited at FRESH as a symbol of African Royalty. Today development chiefs are leading the new revolution in sustainable cocoa and helping to create the new Fair Trade supply chain. The question that emerges for our audience and consumers - is can we afford the extra costs of Fair Trade Certification in an Age of Austerity? And can we make high quality chocolate products available for all including for those in the cocoa growing communities and producer countries for added value.

What will you learn?

1. Understanding the origins of cocoa and chocolate

2. Learning about sculpture and modelling using chocolate

3. Sustainable cocoa and ethical production values

4. The environmental benefits of sustainable cocoa

5. Comparing Artisan chocolate-making Vs the Majors

6. Can sustainable cocoa save the World from climate change