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Suki Tea


Oscar started his career by studying Design and Illustration. Moved about the UK pursuing his career and discovered a love for food by working in kitchens and in 1999 after dribs and drabs of work saved up to travel Asia for 2 years. This gave him an understanding of tea and planted the seed in his head.

On his return to the UK looked into starting a business. Became pals with Annie and in 2004 they started SUKI TEA.

Suki Tea was founded in 2005 and developed down the wholesale route starting on a local farmers market. Designed tray and used the stackable pots to go with the tea to provide point of difference and also to enable value added offering to café’s who’s options were limited in good quality tea.
Now exporting to 10 countries and with over 2500 customers mainly independent café’s they are a leader in ethically sourced teas providing more loose leaf Fairtrade tea to café’s in the UK than any other company.