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Job Role

Sous Chef


Jar Kitchen


I have worked at Jar Kitchen as Sous Chef in a small team of four for the past year starting as CDP and working my way up. My passion for food started at a young age baking with my Mum and taking it into the hospital where my Dad worked to cheer up the sick patients. I studied at Leiths alongside my A Levels, then worked abroad in Switzerland, Austria, France and Spain to enhance my knowledge of other cuisines and ingredients before returning to finish my diploma.

Before Jar Kitchen, I worked at Michelin * restaurant Alimentum learning all about fine dining and honing my skills. At Jar Kitchen - a relatively new independent restaurant, I have helped shape the menu working closely with the head chef as well as training up apprentices, which is particularly rewarding. Designing Supper Club menu's, a la carte from savoury to sweet, I love working seasonally and sourcing as locally as possible. Foraging in my home town of Stamford is a big passion and helps shape dishes we have on the menu I've brought in cobnuts, apples, quinces, plums etc. I love cooking and being in the kitchen, I’m truly passionate.