Food Heroes

We are delighted to announce the return of our #FoodHero series, a feature highlighting the makers behind the artisan products that will be showcased at Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2015. 

a #FoodHero poem

Palm oil free peanut butter producer, Proper Nutty Peanut Butter have nominated the peanut as their #FoodHero. They have done so in a great little poem, which goes a little like this:

The peanut doesn’t grow on trees
A nut we all presume
Instead it grows under the ground
And is infact a legume!

In our glass jars there’s little else
And certainly no clutter
It’s Yorkshire’s best and no mistake
It’s Proper Peanut Butter!

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A Fatherly #Foodhero

Asad Khan the Owner and Founder of current Great Taste Supreme Champion for 2014 Snowflake Gelato tells us why his father is his #FoodHero..

Growing up, Asad lived above his father's green grocer shop in Plumstead South East London. Here Asad learnt the true value of fresh, seasonal produce. Weekly Asad would visit Spitalfields market with his father in order to select the most ripe fruit and vegetables to then sell in the shop.

This not only gave Asad a keen sense of taste but also inspired him to one day own his own shop and business.

Snowflake never compromise on flavour, they only use 100% natural flavours and fresh season fruit. This plays a major part of our philosophy.

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A ‘Mighty Fine’ #FoodHero

Mighty Fine Honeycomb have been selected as #FoodHero of the week because they donate 5% of profits to Friends of the Honeybee, a campaign organised by the British Beekeepers Association to halt the decreasing number of Britain’s honey bees and other pollinators and build a better future for them.

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A world heritage #Hero

Our #FoodHero this week is the Zibibbo Grape Nectar produced from Zibibbo Grape now recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage. The grapes were imported into the island of Pantelleria, a volcanic island between Sicily and North Africa almost 2,000 years ago from the nearby Alexandria of Egypt. Giribizzi has 2 unique delicious products derived from this grape: Zibibbo Grape Jam & Zibibbo Nectar.

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