Ele-Friends & Naming Games

Highlighting the Plight of Elephant Orphans

From 6th to 8th September 2015, The Three Chocolatiers (Jean-Marie Dessard, Thierry Spierkel and Philippe Wall) are coming together to deliver yet another spectacular chocolate sculpture. Come and marvel at this creation at Speciality Chocolate Fair incorporated within Speciality & Fine Food Fair taking place at Olympia National in London. This year their chocolate creation, a life-size baby elephant, will raise awareness of the plight of Elephant Orphans who are not only victims of poaching but casualties of Human Elephant Conflict (HEC) where humans and elephants compete for habitat and food resources. 

The Three Chocolatiers are proud to introduce the work of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) to visitors and exhibitors at Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2015. David Shepherd is the world renowned wildlife artist and veteran wildlife campaigner and conservation Ambassador. His Foundation is one of the most innovative and adaptable Wildlife agencies in the World and prides itself on keeping bureaucracy to a minimum. The Three Chocolatiers will feature the work of the Elephant Orphanage project that rescues, rehabilitates and releases back elephant orphans - the innocent victims of poaching and food wars when farmers and Wildlife clash over food resources. New programmes for Human Elephant Conflict (HEC) mitigation to defuse tensions when humans and elephants share habitat are vital in the context of food security and food sustainability. New community based conflict mitigation programmes are in development to help farmers take ownership of their Wildlife opportunities and better understand, plan and manage for a more harmonious relationship within a shared environment.

naming games

The Three Chocolatiers chocolate sculpture for Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2015 is a life-size baby elephant orphan made with sustainable, traceable, Ghanaian organic chocolate supplied by Choco-Revo. Visitors are invited to choose the name of the Chocolate Elephant Orphan from the four youngest elephant orphans presently at the David Shepherd Elephant Orphanage in Zambia. Come and enjoy all the fun of the Fair by playing ‘Naming Games’ with The Three Chocolatiers and their life-size chocolate elephant. 

Choose Your Favourite Name

1) Nkala - the youngest at two years old - and loved by Paul O’Grady!
2) Zambezi (Bezi) - now nearly four years old (instantly recognisable by the fluff on top of his head) – always mischievous and trying to get in on the action when filming or pictures are being taken. A real top-knot!
3) Musolele - four years old and named after the Ranger that died trying to protect him.  The gentlest of the four orphans - he lets Nkala suckle on his ear for comfort.

A business card drop will be set up in front of the Ele-friends Chocolate Sculpture Art Installation and visitors will be invited to choose the name of the Elephant Orphan they favour most. The name with most votes will be announced and a naming ceremony will take place on the final day. The named elephant orphan will then be exhibited as part of a silent auction to raise funds for the Elephant Orphanage project and promote the work of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. ‘This is how the love of chocolate can save Wildlife’ said Jean-Marie Dessard.  ‘One for all and all for Chocolate’ was the reposte from Philippe Wall. Not to be outdone - Thierry Spierkel said, ‘Chocolate makes the World go round!’ What can we say The Three Chocolatiers are in the ‘Speciality’ House - on Guard!