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Babease Ltd
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United Kingdom

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Babease' 100% organic, vegetable-led food for babies, focuses on helping little palates to get a taste for vegetables from the outset, with easy to read packaging and complete ingredient transparency.

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Stage One - Sweet potato & pear with coconut water, brown rice & quinoa

Babease Organic Sweet Potato & Pear with Coconut Water, Brown Rice & Quinoa is perfect for your little one’s first mouthfuls but it also works well at a later stage of the journey; for breakfast or...

Stage One - Sweet potato, carrot & cauliflower

Babease Organic Sweet Potato, Carrot & Cauliflower is a wonderful combination for those first mouthfuls. The sweet potato is packed with vitamin A and potassium and the carrots are full of vitamins...

Stage One - Parsnip, carrot & pear

Babease Organic Parsnip, Carrot & Pear is gentle on your little one’s tummy. Perfect for those first mouthfuls, it also works very well as a treat at any stage of the journey. The parsnips are full...

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Press Releases:

Aug 30, 2016

A new generation of honest, nutritious baby food launches Babease – ‘Food for babies, not baby food’

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A new generation of baby food has launched – Babease. With a focus on vegetables and an honest approach with easy to read packaging and complete transparency on ingredients, Babease leads the way with food like you would make at home. Babease 100% organic, vegetable-led, and nutritious recipes introduce little ones’ palates to the wonderful flavours and textures of vegetables, helping to create healthy eating preferences from the start.

The first vegetable-led baby food

The Babease range is the brainchild of chef Tom Redwood, and was brought to life with the help of world class nutritionists, paediatric dietitians and food experts. Every Babease recipe uses only vegetables, fruit, grains, seeds, pulses, herbs and spices. The majority are also vegetable led – an alternative to other high fruit level options available. Babease’ range of vegetable led weaning foods helps babies to learn to like savoury and vegetable-based flavours from early on.

The Babease range includes two stages: the Stage 1 delightfully smooth recipes (+4 months) are vegetable-led and where fruit has been included in a vegetable blend, this never exceeds 30% of the ingredients. The Stage 2 wonderfully textured recipes (+7 months), do not include fruit and introduce babies to more herbs, spices and exciting flavour combinations. Each is 100% organic, with no added salt or sugar, and is suitable for vegetarians.

Ever wondered what is in baby food?

Babease is the only baby food brand to list ingredients in order of quantity on the front of the pack, so nothing is hidden. The packaging also features an informative ingredient wheel, which indicates the balance of ingredients used in each recipe, enabling parents to make informed choices at a glance, with no nasty surprises. Each tasty variety is packaged in a convenient pouch – ideal for busy parents seeking a simple and speedy mealtime solution when they haven’t got time to cook from scratch. As well as serving cold straight from the pouch, the tasty flavours can also be heated by simply placing in hot water.

Every ingredient used for a reason

Babease’ recipes are carefully designed to give little ones the best start in life. Each ingredient is selected to expand little palates, as well as for its nutritional value. Exciting recipes such as Chickpea, pumpkin, tomato & coconut cream with herbs & mild masala, and Butternut Squash, Quinoa & Beetroot with Onion and Sage introduce flavours not found in other brands. Food for babies, not baby food.

Founder and Chef Tom Redwood commented; ‘Our recipes are vegetable focused and use only quality organic ingredients, sourced locally when possible. By using a wider array of flavours like coconut water, cumin and fennel we offer young mouths a more interesting weaning experience and tutor the taste buds to savoury rather than sweet; kick starting healthy eating habits from the very beginning. Our honest and transparent approach is also clearly reflected in our packaging – we feel passionately about helping parents make informed decisions about what they feed their little one.’

Nutritionist and Paediatric Dietitian Judy More says: ‘I’m delighted to see the launch of a responsible range of baby food that introduces young babies to vegetable flavours that are not masked with the sweetness of fruit or concentrated fruit juice. Babies will quickly learn to like these savoury flavours when they are introduced early in weaning. Research shows that babies exposed to a wider range of tastes are more likely to readily accept new foods than those only offered a narrow range of tastes.’

With an RRP of £1.19 for a 100g pouch and £1.49 for a 130g pouch, nine varieties are available in 250 Boots stores as well as in Booths. All 13 are available in Dunnes Stores in Ireland, and online on Ocado, and Amazon. Exciting new stockists to be announced soon.

For further information please contact Emma Wheat or Harriet Allcock at Wild Card or call 020 7257 6470
For more information about Babease visit

The Babease range

Stage 1 +4 months (100g, RRP £1.19)
Sweet potato, carrot & cauliflower
Butternut squash, carrot & broccoli
Pumpkin & pea
Parsnip, carrot & pear
Sweet potato, butternut squash & pear
Sweet potato & pear with coconut water, brown rice & quinoa
Pear & mixed berries with coconut water, brown rice & quinoa
Banana, pear & blueberry with brown rice

Stage 2 +7 months (130g, RRP £1.49)
Chickpea, pumpkin, tomato & coconut cream with herbs & mild masala
Brown rice, swede, courgette & kale with onion, garlic and thyme
Broccoli, parsnip, green & puy lentils with onion, fennel, tomato & herbs
Butternut squash, quinoa & beetroot with onion & sage
Sweet potato, tomato, carrot & quinoa with chickpeas & cumin

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