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Aqua Carpatica
184 Uxbridge Road
Tel. 0208 617 8286


United Kingdom

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AQUA Carpatica is a high quality natural mineral water with a beautiful design and an unique taste, that brings you the power and the purity of the Carpathian Mountains.


AQUA Carpatica - Still Mineral Water 500 ml

The still natural mineral water has a low mineral content, it will not affect the kidneys of the little babies. This natural mineral water is suitable whenever the body is in need for quick hydrati...

AQUA Carpatica - Sparkling Mineral Water 500 ml

Naturally Sparkling AQUA Carpatica can help correct calcium deficiency in the body, thanks to its high and perfectly balanced concentration of calcium and magnesium. Also it is known that helps the...

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Mineral Water, Sparkling or Still | WHOLESALER/DISTRIBUTOR


AQUA Carpatica - presentation
Aqua Carpatca - absolut purity
Press Releases:

Sep 5, 2015

AQUA Carpatica -absolute purity

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AQUA CARPATICA – absolute purity


First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Nichifor Boca and I am the Founder & Managing Director of Fresh Organic Products Ltd, a new family company focused on exporting the best premium raw and organic products from Carpathian area, the organic garden of Europe.

Our range of products varies from the free nitrate premium bottle water Aqua Carpatica to products that detox the body, increase the immunity, prevent and fight against diabetes and obesity, such as organic birch water (JUBI), organic bee pollen (GREAT TASTE 2015 – 2 stars), raw organic acacia (GREAT TASTE 2015 – 1 star), forest (GREAT TASTE 2015 – 1 star), and linden honey and organic sugar free confitures (Plum Spread -GREAT TASTE 2015 – 1 star),

I would like to let you know that one of the best acknowledged new products on the UK market is AQUA Carpatica.

AQUA Carpatica is a high quality natural mineral water that comes from a unique land, deep in the forest of the Carpathian Mountains. Aqua Carpatica is an amazing success story, in only 5 years became one of the most appreciated water brands in the world, with sales over 40 mil Euro this year. Today already it is no. 1 natural mineral water brand exported from Romania to SUA, CANADA, CHINA, JAPAN, GERMANY, ITALY, SPAIN, UAE etc.

What is behind this amazing success?
1. New distinctive beautiful design
2. Exceptional and unique taste
3. Unique health benefits:
 LOW SODIUM (0.6 mg/l)
 LOW NITRATES (0.7 mg/l)

We promote the Aqua Carpatica brand to our key customers:
• active people & sportsmen.
• affluent, high end customers (Deli Shops, Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Coffee Shops etc).
• babies, children, mums, families.
• organic, vegan and people who suffer from obesity or follow a low-sodium diet.We actively sustain the brand with customer marketing, free samples, special promotions, leaflets, adverts etc.

UK Partners of distribution for Aqua Carpatica – September 2015

• Harrods Pharmacy
• Cotswold Fayre
• Whole Foods Market
• As nature intended
• The Third Space -Soho
• Alara Organic Shop
• The Health Store
• Day Lewis Pharmacies
• Panacea Health UK
• Natural & Organic Shop
• Symple Organique
• L’Elysee Artisan Cafe
• Infinity Cafe
• Abra Wholesale
• Confex
• Taj The Grocer

AQUA CARPATICA will make a difference for customers, being a high quality natural mineral water with a beautiful design.

I would like to underline that not just the design of the bottles, but the content itself makes AQUA CARPATICA a premium water, a high quality natural mineral water that brings you the power and the purity of the Carpathian mountains.

The content is unique, balanced and different from all other waters on the market because of the very low sodium and nitrates levels.

Please find more information about AQUA CARPATICA on

Kind regards,
Nichi Boca

MD & Founder
Fresh Organic Products Ltd
Tel: 0044 (0) 7703602503

Unit 4, 303 Holloway Road,
London, N7 8HS.

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