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Aphrodite's Food Ltd
Railway Arches
370 & 371 Station Road,
E7 0AB
Tel. 020 8534 8471


United Kingdom

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Delighting food lovers with unique and delicious products inspired by the fascinating flavours of the Eastern Mediterranean. Using only the best ingredients crafted in small batches.

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Pomegranate Ketçhup

A deliciously unique and versatile sauce that embodies the luscious flavours of the finest Lebanese pomegranate molasses, rich tomato salça and sweet eastern spices. A perfect accompaniment at any ...

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Sauce Mixes | Table Sauces | Chutney | European

Pomegranate Ketçhup
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Aug 31, 2016

Pomegranate Ketçhup

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Aphrodite’s Food launches new Pomegranate Ketçhup. Creators Dixie and Will bring oodles of love and energy into the product, which spices, smacks and sizzles with flavours from the Eastern Mediterranean. Aphrodite’s Pomegranate Ketçhup launched into Selfridge’s Food Hall in July 2016 and it makes for the most incredible base for stews, casseroles and marinades. It is also perfect for dipping and slathering on sandwiches. It is rich, sticky, subtly spiced and sumptuously sweet, and has been taking diners from the City by storm at their twice-weekly street food stint in Broadgate Circle, London & weekend spot at Maltby Street Market and High Road Market in Chiswick. Key ingredients in the Ketçhup include Lebanese pomegranate molasses, tomato salça purée and various sweet spices. Its creator Dixie – born Aphrodite Fingal-Rock Innes, a totally cool girl with a mound of braids who hails from a small town in South Wales– is not your archetypal food brand owner. She brings oodles of feist to this brand along with her boyfriend and business partner Will. They’ve given up their careers to make the brand happen. They have a long list of further products in the pipeline. The ethos of Aphrodite’s Food? To delight food lovers with unique and delicious products inspired by the fascinating flavours of the Eastern Mediterranean. Using only the best ingredients crafted in small batches ensures each and every pot of food tastes irresistibly good. Dixie is a chef and finalist of Channel 4’s The Taste. She trained at Westminster Kingsway College and is an all-round food fanatic. She comes from a family of food lovers and grew up in the beautiful town of Monmouth, South Wales where her family owned a deli. At the tender age of 4 years old, she was getting stuck into cooking by experimenting with the local and exotic surplus from the shop. There she learnt the importance of good food and developed her knack for creating exceptional flavours. Since she has worked for various catering companies whilst always pursuing her own foodie projects. William Powell also grew up in the town of Monmouth, where fresh local food was always of importance on the dinner table. With a hunger for good food, William left his job in 2015 to pursue a career in the food industry and making Aphrodite’s a successful business. “We are very conscious about the origin of ingredients. All our food is sourced locally as possible, sustainably and seasonally wherever possible and always handmade in small batches. We only use quality ingredients free from artificial additives and support small farmers and suppliers, for instance, our veg comes from organic farms in Essex and our high quality Greek produce from a company in London.” In the autumn of 2015 they built a kitchen in a railway arch in East London and set about the task of producing and selling their delicious Ketçhup. At their street food van in Broadgate, they offer a stunning selection of Mediterranean food; think mouth-wateringly soft pitas filled with slow cooked marinated meats, vegetables and cheeses accompanied by a knock out selection of
handmade dips, sauces, pickles and salads, not forgetting a side of crispy potatoes tossed in za’atar, topped with whipped feta & pomegranate seeds. Also our kibbeh: spiced potato and bulgur croquettes stuffed with cheese, spinach & garlic or chicken, leek & sumac, fried until crisp and golden. All served up with lashings of their fabulous Pomegranate Ketçhup.

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